Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Better Half

It must be half-frame time. Oscar, publisher of Single Coated (the photoblog) posted a delightful half-frame image on his blog, at about the same time I had taken to carrying my Pen Ft with me again. His image inspired me to actually attempt to finish the 36 exposure roll of Kodak 400UC I had trapped in the camera.

The half frame camera is a really wonderful and different format. It is the analog equivalent of the digital point & shoot. At 72 exposures/36 exposure roll, there's really no holding back. Armed with a half-frame SLR, anything and everything is fair game. Shooting with my Olympus Pen FT, and its double-stroke film advance, makes me feel like some 1970's hipster revelling in his cutting edge state-of-the-art doofus gear.

Printing half-frames normally usually results in images like the ones below.

Sure one could scan and size the individual "frames," but the side by side look is so inherently "cool"—like two frames from a 16mm movie, that breaking up the pairings is too hard to do.

Everything takes on such an unusual and cinematic look.

If you're interested in seeing some other photographers who shoot half-frame, check out Keith Goldstein there on pbase and on RFF as Kbg32.