Friday, April 21, 2006


With the weather being the way it's been here on the west coast, I find I turn inward, inside, when I can't go outside. So, when inside, when I want to photograph, I look at things closely, closer. How convenient for me, then, that I recently acquired a macro lens, a Nikon 55/2.5, for my Nikon SLR. The timing was good.

If you've visited here before, you're probably well aware that I'm not a flower photographer kind of guy. So...

Here's a shot of some rotting berries!

When I look at these images, I realize just how much I enjoy shooting film. It'll be a sad day when we're no longer able to shoot film...I'd rather not end this post on a down note, maybe on a dark note:

Thanks for visiting!

Nikon FM3A Nikkor 55/2.5 Kodak 400UC, Fuji Superia 400