Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Recent Addition to the Brood—Gearhead Alert!

I’ve a guilty pleasure I’d like to confess here and now. I have a thing for...point & shoot cameras. Not just any p&s mind you. I like quality p&s cameras, the ones with really good lenses, or “special” features, like silent-mode, fast lenses, manual capabilities, etc. So of course I had to pick up a Ricoh GR1s, with its sweet little 28/2.8, backwards loading, and perfect ergonomics.

Here’s an image made with the Ricoh GR1s wide open.

Sweet, Huh?

And here’s a “family portrait” of the point & shoots:

Clockwise from the top: the Konica Hexar AF, the Ricoh, the Fuji Natura S, a Motorola Q cell phone for size comparisons (Q=iPod size-wise), and the Leica Minilux.

Promises, Promises

I’ve been trying to get together a comparison test of these cameras. This recent addition, makes that harder, but I’m going to try and get this together and post the results here.