Friday, October 20, 2006

The Photo Essay

I love words. I love images. Together, when combined just right, you get pure beauty. For a wonderful example, find Two Muses on my link list. While Lynn (at Two Muses) makes pure poetry, the photo essay in the strictest sense is a thing of beauty too, a gorgeous knot of words and image.

Whilst bumbling around on Flickr, I stumbled upon a local photographer who back in the late 1970's shot some wonderful images of a special place in San Francisco. Do yourself a favor and check out Xtoid (Tony) on Flickr. Here's a direct link to his
Post Manilatown Archive 1978-1980 set. I'll leave it at that and let his words and images do the rest. If you do visit give him an "atta-boy" for capturing something special.