Sunday, November 06, 2005

Two Lenses

My foray into rangefinder photography and the accompanying GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) has put several lenses into my possession, and on the front of my cameras. Most of the lenses are fairly new to me, leaving me with the enviable task of learning the characteristics of each. I've come to appreciate a few, two in particular, and both are coincidentally Cosina Voigtlander lenses. Here are the results from both a Nokton 50/1.5 (color), and a APO 90/3.5, both at, or very near, wide open.

I've been really liking the Nokton, it's a big, gorgeous, high-quality lens that I love to look at—especially right down the inside of the barrel when wide open. And while the 90 gets less usage, because of the focal length, I've never hesitated to twist this beuaty onto the front of a camera.

These images were just a test, really. I was "house-bound," for a while, working from home. To relieve a spat of restlessness, I picked up my camera and walked around the house, eventually deciding that I'd shoot this paint can both with the 50 and then the 90. I knew I'd have to shoot near wide, and that both lenses work very nicely on this end of the range.

BTW, both images were made using Fuji Superia 400. The b&w image was converted using a simple switch to grayscale mode.