Thursday, October 13, 2005

Goodbyes, Hellos, & One Hour of Street Shooting

I sold both my Kiev 4a camera and one of my Canon GIII QL17 cameras (the good one). I had posted both of these cameras in my RFF signature and on my pbase site. In the process of saying goodbye to those cameras, I said hello to two California-based RFF members, BrianS in Irvine, and Ryan, who lives not far from me here in the SF Bay Area. I actually got a chance to meet Ryan, face-to-face. Maybe Ryan will join us for our next Bay Area meeting of RFF'ers (whenever that happens).

Anyway, I took the opportunity after meeting Ryan to finish off a couple of rolls of film that occupied my M4-P and my newly acquired Canon VL. I somehow managed to have a roll in every camera I own. I'll take a fancy to any one of my particular cameras at any given time. I'll load them up and shoot several frames, and move onto the next one. A bad habit? Naaah!

I shot with both of these cameras, on this day, using 50mm lenses, strolling about in downtown San Mateo, sneaking into alleyways and parking garages. Just when I got going, I ran out of film, completely. Ironically, I was just sort of meandering taking pictures of building patterns, getting into the flow, looking. Just after my last shot, I turned to see an image that made my pulse hop.

I was a little irritated by this, and like a gambler, feeling a change in the air, and out of cash, I darted to a couple of stores looking for some b&w film. Nada! Eventually, no longer inspired, with the sting and the itch to shoot wearing off, and my parking meter winding down, I left downtown San Mateo. I added those two rolls to the small pile growing on my desk. I now have 7 rolls of film sitting here.

We're having the kitchen remodeled and the garage space is a mess. I probably won't be able to get to processing the rolls for a couple of weeks at least. In anticipation of this situation, I purchased some Kodak Professional Ultra Color 400 film. Aaaah, color! The cameras are empty. Time to get 'em going again!