Friday, July 08, 2005

This Image

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This image comes from what was probably one of my most enjoyable shooting sessions. From this single one hour period I obtained several favorites, images I'm proud of having produced. I enjoy street photography a lot, the rhythm, the flow, the adreneline rush that happens when you're feeling good and grabbing shots.

I had a similar experience in Disneyland, of all places. I went down there with the family and got a chance to cut loose a little, as much as I could while walking around the "happiest place on earth" with five kids and a grumpy wife. And then again, I had a similar experience at the Warped Tour show. I took my daughter to that one as part of an agreement between her mother and I. She was only able to go if an adult went along. I was alone and bored stiff most of the time, but once the sun started to drop and the shadows got long I really started having some fun shooting.

I'm noticing that I have better shoots later in the day. I normally, out of necessity, shoot in full sun, midday, the worst possible time, but the only time that I'm able to get out and shoot alone. I like the long deep shadows and the low light that happens later in the day. It seems to inspire me.


This image works for me, despite that it was unintentionally underexposed by about 1.5 stops (maybe 2). It encompasses some things that I like, a centrally located subject, frame division, partially obscured subject matter, and a strange quality. I'm not sure why these things appeal to me, but they do. They show up in my recent efforts, and I find myself liking the images that have these aspects.